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picturebook picturebook Our mare Sjaan with winning foal picture taken in Hengelo .; many times our foals got first place or best foal .. surely the perfect handler helped a lot! 35547910 35547911 our dear claire, ramah victoria the sweetest ever , by sandylands special vintage! so missed ! a real lady in all she did ..the girl that helped me to get over the loss of two puppies .. the one who needed no words, no commands, just sat there with me when needed some comfort . beautiful inside and outside ... 35547912 litter of silronrays puppies 35547913 Nick, a lovely working Chessie 35547914 Silronrays Darn Hot owned by bibiane schreiner, germany 35547915 a dear friend Jose Carlos 35547916 sandylands sunflower 35547917 typical silronrays puppy 35547918 busterscott picture with becky's grandson 35547919 silronrays everyone's a winner owned by joel feuguer 35547920 INTCHsilronrays van the man CDG living in USA till gaining his title 35547921 Mole a sandylands my guy daughter, pict at 14 years of age 35547922 usk de la vigne nieuil granddaughter of our Teddy 35547924 silronrays cerise living in Estonia 35547925 35547926 hannah's miracle puppie out of cloverdale brown autumn 35547927 silronrays armed & dangerous another tony son owned by Brukas labardors in denmark 35547928 silronrays extra edition a sweet boy who knows what he wants 35547929 Nick so many plans with/for him .. he died suddenly, owners left with a memory of a wonderful companion .. a true example of this wownderful breed 35547930 Shadowsquad Labs, all dogs we took from this kennel have produced so well for us, biddable temperament, keen workers and just all we like to see in our labs 35547931 gwen broadley rose to be ordered at world of roses UK 35547933 buster chewing his porcky pie 35548267 two puppies from Andy 35548268 a typical andy puppy 35548269 Silronrays Extra Edition, called Eddy from very start an "eyecatcher" 35548270 silronrays bobby james, living at Labsdreams Croatie gaining CC's and has his working title 35548271 typical silronrays dark yellows, foxred girls silronrays foxglove & daughter sunny 35548272 silronrays river phoenix, working as a ' helping hand son of Teddy 35548273 the sweetest of all foxreds we ever had! Prickle prickle is behind most of the foxreds in europe, given us several FOXRED champions! a keen worker! 35548274 some old chessies 35548275 35548276 CH Silronrays Miss Mansell daughter of ch;Sandylands kingfisher, a star from our past 35548277 CH Sandylands Kingfisher winner of LCD clubshows, SWISS clubshows, Danish Clubshoows etc etc . the topsire for our kennel in his time 35548278 35548319 silronrays red delicious living at sallyjo's 35548442 sandylands sundancer as a puppy 35548443 silronrays and yours truly owned by guillaume 35548444 brioche owner bibiane schreiner, germany 35548445 CH silronrays Vip Status, owner Baldwin Labs in Brazil sister to viva, caspar, lace 35548447 silronrays Cerise in estonie 35548450 silronrays puppy 35548451 CH Sandylands Claire winning the show under late mr Peter Hart from Kupros, taking a pic of Ron & Claire 35548452 Carlos with Clever as Ever 35548453 chany, daughter of dragon 35548454 cats in the rescu 35548455 me showing buster 35548456 35548457 Chances taken at Perros de st johns 35548458 35548459 my beloved Ella 35548460 35548461 35648567 ella & Sjaan 35648568 Caspar enjoying Florida 35648569 the garden 35648570 buster again 35648571 me & my girl Kalee 35648572 Donut shown by his owner 35648573 shelby 35648574 silronrays brunhilde 35648575 chance in malaga 35648696 chance a year old 35648697 tops retired 35648698 sandylands goldfinger 35648719 a typical puppy out of Tony 35648720 me showing charlene 35648721 CH Sandylands Pressed for Time 35648722 Caspar 35648723 Buster at 6 months 35648724 sandylands sundancer 35648725 Krizzta, our poolstead/sandylands combination given us a lovely litter sired by andy 35648726 CH Silronrays Bo Jangle co/owner mr Josef Zdellar, Sealland Labradors 35648727 tony puppy again 35648728 andy in pensive mood 35648830 another tony son 35648831 Ramah's Victoria so much loved, so deeply missed every day, 35648833 Cerise 35648834 prickle behind most of the foxreds in europe 35648835 TONY Sandylands Around Town sonof CH.Tapeatom Gadding Around at Sandylands 35648836 two champs: Ready and Cracker 35648837 me judging in mexico 35648838 35648839 our cat Mooiman 35648840 Rose with her foxred puppies 35648841 carlos winning again with cindy 35648842 Hilde having her dummy, loves to work 35648901 Blue peter puppies, two of them both getting CC lateron at Crufts 2009 35648902 A Tops puppy, our Hilde 35648903 winston, owner Joel feuguer 35648904 eddy, as you can see a true foodlover 35648905 Mrs Gwen Broadley Owe her everything! given me the best start in breeding, helping me with advice so honoured that she was my friend 35648906 Ch Tapeatom Gadding Around sire of Tony 35648907 sandylands sundancer as a puppy! 35648908 cerise+ 35648910 our chickens 35648911 getting started 35648845 kalee & toy 35648846 silronrays call my name: Becky a miracle bitch, 35648847 Rainy gave us 4 champions out of one litter of 7 daughter of CH Squire of Ballyduff 35648848 Caspar shown in Florida 35648849 Teddy Shadowsquad Take That, sire of many champions all over the world, died at age of 7 .. too Young! still that very special place in my heart 35648851 Whoops! our first gadabout daughter .. so missed 35648852 me showing Kalee getting BOB 35648853 Sandylands Polleyanna tongue hanging out after a few hours of hard training 35648856 Matz owned by fam Alferts, Merlfly labradors 35648955 Viva Las Vegas, a tony daughter, sister to Vip Status, Caspar etc 35648956 just me 35648958 S.caramel crunch at roncana labradors 35648990 cindy as a puppy carlos loves his cindy .. she is winning well for him 35648991 CH.Rockabee Blue Peter One of my favorites, sire of our Hannah grandpa of Becky and Evanne 35648993 just a snapshot 35648994 Ella 35648995 Cambremer Bravo at Silronrays Mikey, behind all our chocs of today, a Bradking Music Maker son 35648996 Parzac, my little village 35648997 daughter of Tops kyra, living at fam kessler in germany 35649019 35649020 carlos again he & cindy= a winning team 35649089 tony what is there to say about tony= just a beautiful dog with lots of presence 36930696 Taff playing( owner) of Nick nick the future sire of our chessie litter 36930697 Nick a real working dog 36930698 Dusk till dawn living at Andrea & Gunnar and spoiled rotten( ist richtig verwohnt und wird heiss geliebt!!) danke andrea & gunnar ! jeder wunscht sich so ein heim fur seinen hund! 36930699 36930700 CH Sandylands My Guy, behind all our Labs 36930701 horses... horses ... horses 36930702 our red boy again 36930703 MY BEST and MOST ADMIRED FRIENDS helping me with good dogs, helping me with advice, support and their her fiendship the late mrs Jean Waring & the late mrs Gwen Broadley 36930705 our white cats from our rescue these two are staying with us! 36930706 sandylands sundancer 36930707 ch sandylands claire on of our top bitches, sire CH Reciever of Cranspire 36930708 ch.silronrays red adair 36930709 carlos a dear friend 36930711 river helping to bring the wedding rings 36930712 bobby james owner : labdreams, croatie 36930714 sandylands gypsey rose dam of sundancer & rose 36930715 cerise owner Elvendor labradors Estonie 36930716 hilde between the flowers just our sweet girl 36930717 Erica with Timmy 36930719 Dinner with Carlos, mrs Kendall Herr 36930721 cindy/carlos 36930723 Our boy Jazz, a Bradking Music Maker grandson a super dog , siring foxred, choc 36930724 choc puppies 36930784 marley 36930788 gruppenbild 36930790 charly, the little one! 36930791 36930793 sarah opvoeding gaat altijd beter met een wat oudere hond die al precies weet hoe en wanneer en wat etc! 36930794 foxred puppy, from litter of mrs montgomery in USA 36930796 river op huwelijksfeest 36930799 36930897 desiree owner Patricia & familie, poitiers 36930899 kalee 36930901 the rescue cats at dinner time 36930905 our claire taken a few days before she died so much loved, always calm quiet and just there to please us .. bred by the late mrs Jane Waring Ramah labradors 45698322 36930907 the latemrs maureen paul shadowsquad labradors, so many of our dogs coming from this kennel that is just like us totaly based on sandylands! i feel honoured and lucky being allowed to call her my friend .. spend so many hours there .. also breeder of my wonderful shephard Karma 45698323 a hannah puppy! 45698324 matz, owned by anke & manfred at first show 45698557 tooske with pups 36930911 roses in our garden 39877073 nick, a real worker 45698559 another rose from our garden 39877074 ryan as a puppy 45698560 as you see we love roses 39877075 silronray van the man Int.Ch, CGC living in USA at the moment to be campained for his AKC title 36930944 this is my favorite rose, the smell ... 39877076 these are just big smelley roses, old english rose 39877077 having a peek to the outside world! 36930946 Caspar as a puppy picture taken in our garden! 39996924 sandylands party with presenting the rose! 36930948 36930952 hannah, sandylands pollyeanna 36930918 36930999 cambremer bravo of silronrays 36931002 francesco and one of Andy's puppies 36931003 36931005 kyra, another tops daughter living with fam kessler 36931006 carmen our GSD with lab puppy 39713515 cindy winning CC 39713516 mooiman our beauty, a present for Rons birthday from Elsa 39713517 louis & sarah 39713518 winston, a tony son 39713519 sarah, busters littersister 39713520 our horses out in the field 39713521 hannah with becky, evanne etc. 39713522 irma donna 39713523 buster and his toy 46352459 silronrays darn hot voist her at castello de cappuccino labs 39713524 scott & caspar spending a day out 46352657 quibes elf jaar our laatste foto ..met karen! 46352658 foxred puppy just born 46352659 silronrays veejay helps his owner in daily life! 46352903 pia & brit at show in finland the judge R.Phillips wrote: she loves her day our! britt realy showed her butt off! 47442362 chany and baby perla we are always happy to get pics from owners showing their children with the dog. 47442363 47442364 silronrays veejay after doing the job .. time to sleep .. with the kids 47670003 54801935 labradors from fam gamber greta with Caspar daughter Charlee 47442365 silronrays veejay always close , ready to start "working" 47670004 CH Rock de la vigne nieuil son of our boy Tony gr.grandson of our boy Teddy 49334646 July and pups, balrion crownjewel 49937089 the young rascals pictured made by david dalton .. 49937090 ch.sandylands kingfisher as a puppy 49937091 silronrays all about mandy owner: Liebrechts van Peursem but also loved and co/ owned by Monika & Alex Woll mandy is a Tony daughter, sister to Viva &Int.CH. Caspar,CH.Vipstatus 50989981 silronrays Charmeur also part of the Silent Passion family charmeur is a son of Pendragon de la Vigne Nieuil 50989982 Charlee at kindly send to us by Claudia & family .. Charlee is a Silronrays Van The Man daughter 50989983 silronrays everyones a winner, winston more & more looking like his dad: Tony we wish his owners much succes! 51447112 54800811 54800812 silronrays special edition eddy is a lovely outgoing dog, visit him at this dog realy can say "my home is my castle" 56259763 fam mahdi with carly & tyson joined with their new family in pakistan 78194284 carly & tyson loved/owned by fam mahdi in pakistan 78196572 140083742 140083743 140083744 140083745 140083746 140083747 140083748 140083949 140083950 140083951 140083952 140083953 140083954